What do we do?

The goal of AccelEMR (said “accelemer”) is to support physicians and other medical organizations, in their quest to love their work and provide excellent care to their patients.  We believe these two things go hand in hand; happy doctors provide better care which helps make for healthier and happier patients.  To accomplish this we focus on system optimization – this means taking something good and making it much better.  It includes things such as:

  • Change management – one example is helping doctors make a seamless transition from paper to EMR (Electronic Medical Record)…with less cost and great e-charts in the end.
  • EMR optimization – we’ve built an extensive suite of intuitive clinical and medical office management tools focused on best practices to make EMR’s function more effectively in the real world of patient care.
  • Workflow and communication system optimization – any organization that deals with information can either drown in it or thrive in it – we are great at the latter (we can help make your waterfalls into comfortable hot tubs).

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The AccelEMR Process



Who are we? (our story)

AccelEMR came to life in the incubator of a busy medical practice of three family physicians in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.  At first, we set out to find efficient ways to provide the best medical care to our own patients. We wanted to provide better care to more people and not burn out in the attempt.  We invested in an electronic medical record thinking it would be the solution…We learned that an EMR was only a tool that could either function as part of the solution, or simply serve to magnify the organizational problems that already existed.

We also thought that getting an EMR was like buying a car that was ready to drive straight from the show room; we soon learned it was really only a shiny new engine.  So, we set to work building all the other parts of the car.  After hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, we got a great car.  It has been road tested and revised in real clinical practice, and continues to grow and develop as new information becomes available - getting ever better as we continue to tune it.  Medicine is always changing and so are we.

Talking to other doctors along the journey, we discovered that many of us had similar needs. So, we created our systems in such a way as to be able to spread them to others.  Why should everyone re-invent the wheel?  Take a test drive; we think you’ll like what we’ve done.