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Intrahealth Canada is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with AccelEMR Solutions; BC’s leading EMR Optimization Company. AccelEMR provides a complete suite of integrated EMR Optimization tools including content, workflow and more, to enhance the functionality of your Profile EMR. Developed by BC Physicians for BC Physicians with years of experience, the proven performance of AccelEMR can help you drive your practice to the next level.

- Silvio Labriola, Business Development Manager, Intrahealth Canada Ltd


"We have been using AccelEMR for two years now. It has complemented Profile to be the complete package that has not only improved the functionality of the EMR, but has also increased myproductivity immensely. The support from AccelEMR has been absolutely exemplary. I cannot recommend AccelEMR enough, not only for the new Profile user, but also for the seasoned user."

- Dr. Andre Bredenkamp. PITO peer mentor

“Over the past two years I have been using AccelEMR with my Profile EMR and have found that it allows me to get more done in less time. I love the auto-populating forms that make filling out all the mundane demographics on requisitions a thing of the past. Investigation sets allow me to quickly and efficiently organize the investigations for a particular clinical problem without searching through the entire database of lab options. The price is great and I believe it has paid for itself along the way in the time it has saved me.“

- Dr. M. Gill

“I am a low tech kind of guy and was dubious at first. Now I am amazed at how I did medicine before AccelEMR. Not only do the tools and systems save me time but they have greatly improved the experience my patients receive. I now have time to help my patients and make a difference rather than fighting with technology. I highly recommend AccelEMR Solutions.”

- Dr. D. Husband

"We have been using AccelEMR with Profile within our very busy family practice office. It has allowed us to become much more efficient and focus more of our time on evaluating our patients. The software is easy to implement and in particular I have found the investigations panel of great benefit. In terms of the time required to build such a program, it certainly is of great value. Using Profile as a stand-alone program can be very time consuming whereas with AccelEMR all the relevant "paperwork" is right there and ready to go. The difference is night and day. Since adding AccelEMR to Profile we will never go back. It has everything we need in one powerful package. We would certainly recommend this product to any physician using EMR which is compatible with AccelEMR."


- Dr. M. Gosal